Hook Up Your Lady This Holiday Season!

My motto for shopping for that special lady in your life is simple:


Whether she's into the simplest of accessories or goes for the more extravagant vibe, is dominating her high school years or rocking out retirement--we can hook you up.  LolaClaire embodies the free-spirited woman with a gypsy soul yearning for travel & worldly experiences.
Our jewelry has a boho feel that focuses on natural beauties of the earth. We strive for our designs to bring out her most inner wild woman and to embrace her with abandon.
Supporting small business is ALWAYS the best way to shop! We depend on you and your support. Not to mention it's always more personable giving a gift that comes from a business with a personal story behind it. <3 


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Peace, Love & Light,

Paula, Owner/Artist LolaClaire Jewelry